Same day premium / Super Premium Visa Service

If you have a very important business trip or you urgently need your passport and you do not want to submit your application using the UK Border Agency’s postal service because it could take up to 6 months – why not use our premium/fast-track services (24 hour service)?

We can fast-track the following applications at the UK Border Agency :

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain – SET (O);
  • Tier 1 (General – HSMP) extension;
  • Tier 2 (General – work permit);
  • Tier 2 (General – work permit) extension;
  • Tier 2 (intra company transfer);
  • application for a no time limit stamp where Indefinite Leave to Remain has already been granted – NTL; and,
  • extension of Leave – FLR (O)

If you are an employer and have issued a Certificate of Sponsorship and your employee has an urgent business trip which may impact your business, we can fast-track your employee’s further leave to remain application (Tier 2 G/ICT) and obtain a further leave to remain visa using the UK Border Agency’s one day premium service.

The following applications require applicants to attend the UK Border Agency in person in order to give their biometric data (finger scans) and obtain an Identity Card (ID card). We can assist you by booking your appointment with the UK Border Agency and checking your documents before you attends the appointment.

  • Tier 1 (General) extension;
  • Tier 1 (Post Study Worker);
  • Tier 2 (General/ICT);
  • transfer of condition to a new passport – TOC;
  • extension of stay as the husband, wife, civil partner or unmarried/same-sex partner of a permanent resident – FLR (M);
  • further leave to remain as a student – Tier 4 (General).

Applications that require biometrics/finger scans take 48 hours.

Super Premium Service

This service is for those who do not have time to attend the UK Border Agency in order to provide their biometric information (fingerprints and facial photograph). The immigration officer will visit the applicant at his/her desired location, take his/her biometric information and a decision on his/her application will be made within 24 hours by the UK Border Agency.

The Government fee for this service is £6,000 in addition to the visa fee. This service can be used for extending an individual’s stay (limited leave to remain) or for an individual wishing to settle permanently (indefinite leave to remain) in the UK.

The following visa categories do not fall under the super premium service.

  • permanent residence on the basis of 10 years’ residence;
  • a business person;
  • an innovator;
  • a sole representative;
  • applying under Tier 1 (Entrepreneur); or
  • applying for British citizenship.

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